Wednesday, December 9, 2009

two in one day! aren't you lucky!

Things I Currently Miss About Northampton.
1) Snow days. You lucky ducks. And here I am, sitting in the cold, rainy yuck.
2) School. Weird, yes, I know. I miss going into class feeling confident that I know the material and prepared to learn more based on what I already know. I like that relieved feeling of handing in a paper or test that you know you did well on.
3) My family and friends. Probably should have put you first... but these aren't in any particular order so don't go getting yourselves in a huff.
4) The plentiful sources of English reading and viewing materials. aka Forbes, the school library, Blockbuster, Lilly library, the bookstores downtown, the bookshelves around our house...
5) The general atmosphere. The sense of community and togetherness that's a little tough to find in a capital city.
6) My cats. Some days the only thing I want is a furry cuddle...
7) Everything being in English. It just sounds so relaxing.
8) My bike, and the places you can bike to. I miss the bike path and all the networks of side streets.
9) All the Christmasy traditions my family has.
10) My bedroom, with a bouncy mattress and a dresser with drawers and all my books and music and pictures.

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