Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Falsche Seite, dummkopf.

So today I was biking home after school in the red bike lane on the sidewalk. The road I was biking on wasn't terribly big but rather busy, so I when I turned onto the left side of the road I just kept going instead of crossing the street. I do this same thing every day, and then cross at some point when no cars are coming. Well, today, a cranky old man was walking down the sidewalk and glared at me as I rode (slowly and responsibly) by, and said, "falsches Seite," in an angry tone. Which means "wrong side". Yes, sir, I know that I'm on the wrong side of the road... but it's a long, straight hill and I have a pretty long visiblity, meaning I could see anyone coming with plenty of time to switch sides. There was another biker going in the same direction as I was, who was a little ahead of me- he crossed the road pretty quick. So did I, but really, I think that guy needs to find something to do other than yell at teenagers. It wasn't like we were affecting him- we were in the bike lane, which is, in fact, for bicycles. Harumph. But I'm not actually annoyed really, I just wanted to share with you all my big exciting adventure of the day.

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