Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit!!

Happy December! (title explanation for people like Kerry who are confused when I talk about bunnies in winter- it's supposedly good luck to say Rabbit Rabbit on the first of every month). I was creepin'on a bunch of other exchange students' blogs to see how they're holding up in this crazy wonderful country, and one of them had a pretty good idea (that she got from somewhere else- don't you love sharing?) to write a list of ten things once a week. A different theme every week. She's had some pretty good themes already- I might end up stealing them sometime.

Things I am Excited About.

1. Christmas!!!! Only 24 days. My host parents made a traditional (I think) advent calendar, made from a bunch of little bags hung on a mobile thing, and for each day there are two little wrapped gifts, one for Clara and one for me. Today I got a little change purse, which is actually really nice because it's obnoxious to have coins fall out of my pants pockets every time I take my pants off!

2. Austria in February! Second foreign country ever, plus I get to ski in the Alps and cross something off my bucket list!

3. Becoming fluent in German. Someday it will happen.

4. Finishing reading my first German book (Die B├╝cherdiebin- The Book Thief). And starting my next one! Harry Potter, perhaps?

5. The 2010 Winter Olympics. I'm getting my little American flag ready to wave.

6. Visiting Amsterdam in June with my class! THIRD foreign country ever!

7. December 21- the winter equinox. AKA the day on which the days start getting longer, and you start to feel hopeful that someday you'll be biking to school with the sun already up!

8. Going to two different Weihnachtsmarkts this weekend! One in Alexanderplatz with Claire, another CBYXer, and one called the Rixdorfer with a bunch of other AFSers and exchange students. I love all the lights and smells and happy faces.

9. Senior Year. Just to say I'm a senior.

10. This coming summer. I really don't even have any clue what I'll be doing, but I have hopes and dreams, plus by then I'll be bilingual (well jeez, at least I hope so!) and it will be SUMMER. And that alone is something to be ridiculously excited about.

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