Thursday, April 9, 2009

Phone Calls, Pre-Departure, and Host family!!!

So things are really starting to shape up now! Last week during my dinner break at rehearsal, I had to call into a conference call about receiving the scholarship and all the details. So basically it was a guy who told us congrats, but don't accept the scholarship if you think you want to travel around while you're there or if you want to leave early to go to prom or a wedding or if you want to come home in the middle for some event or something. It was a little intimidating, but there is no way I'm not accepting (plus I signed the papers weeks ago).
Yesterday I got an email about pre-departure orientation, held at UCONN on Memorial Day. I think it's for everyone in New England who's traveling with AFS next year though, not just to Germany. So I'll get to meet some other kids, and that will be fun!
But the most exciting news is that I got an email last week from a family in Germany who wants to be my host!!!!!! I was so excited (although I haven't heard back from them yet and nothing is certain). But I'll tell you what I know about them and change this later if it doesn't work out or something. The parents are Daniela and Sebastian, and they have 4 kids, but only one of them lives at home. Judith is 21 and is living in Spain, Simon is 20 and completing his mandatory military service, Jakob is 16 but he is coming to the US next year through AFS, and Clara is 10 and is living at home. So I get 2 older brothers and an older sister! Although who knows if I'll actually get to meet them or not. Also, 3 of the kids are rowers!!!! So I'll be staying buff while in Germany, I hope. I really hope they email back soon, I am getting quite anxious to hear back...
In exactly 2 months, I'll be 16!! Which actually doesn't affect anything really, because I haven't even gotten my permit so I can't get my license, and the only other freedom I can think of that comes with 16 is the ability to get a body part pierced without parental consent. But I'm not planning on going on any piercing rampages, so I guess I'll just celebrate with the fact that I get to go to Germany next year (and drink beer, because the drinking age there is 16). Woohoo! But I can't think about celebrating right now because I have an A.P. Modern European History test coming up in less than a month!!!!! aaaahh!

P.S. My mother has now started to frequently remind me that I wrote in an earlier post that I would never doubt her again if I got the scholarship. Well, I guess I dug that ditch for myself. Oh well. I think I can withstand another few months of that, then it's off to Berlin!!!!