Sunday, December 6, 2009

no list today... feeling uncreative and rambly.

Crud, I just spelled exhaustion with an a instead of an o. I am going to flunk the SATs next year... anyhoo. Happy Nikaustag! For those Americanisch folks among you, Niklaustag is December 6, and the night before children leave their shoes out and St. Niklaus comes and fills them with small gifts and candy. Guess who got peanut butter in their converse that morning? I was pretty psyched. Also, new socks (nearly all of mine have developed holes), Kinderschokolade (yummmm), and a pack of those kleenex with designs on them. The kind that you never actually want to use because you'd be blowing your snot all over a cute little penguin. You know the ones.

Okay, Sunday was a day of much time-squashing but overall was quite good. I went and helped out at the Rixdorfer Weihnachtsmarkt, and it turns out I was early as I'd been given the wrong time... so I wandered a bit and bought a Zimtwaffel (cinammon waffle with powdered sugar) and listened to a band of old men playing Christmas songs. Then I stood in the cold for an hour and wrapped candles and took people's money for the candles and acted all friendly and tried to make conversation when people realized we were exchange students. I got complimented on my German by a nice couple who bought some gummy bears. I had to rush out, though, because I had to meet my class in Charlottenburg to see Kabale und Liebe. Well, I was running barely on time when I got out of the U-Bahn, and so I was power-walking, but thinking it was an awfully long way and that it hadn't looked that long on google maps. Then I figured out the numbers were way different on the other side of the street. So I doubled back and super-power-walked to the theater, where I legitimately slid into my seat right as the director came out and told us that the lead actress was sick so someone who didn't really know the lines would be playing Luise. Hence, she carried around the script with her the whole play. It was pretty good, actually- it had some cool lighting and musical aspects, and at one point the whole stage came apart when Ferdinand got mad and started pulling tables out of the floor. That was after he smashed a cello- the girl next to me screamed and hid her face. I got home at about 11 and was exhausted... no one told me that I was able to sleep in on Monday morning because our math teacher had agreed to cancel class because of the play. So I got up, biked to school, the classroom was empty, looked at the class change list, saw that my math class was listed as "theaterbesuch" so I went up to the Aula, or auditorium. Then I figured out (I was still quite groggy) that we had the class off.. and biked back home. And biked back to school an hour later to start my classes. It was a very exciting Monday. And tomorrow I get to sleep in because my German class has a test on Kabale und Liebe, and the other exchange student and I craftily "forgot" to ask the teacher whether we had to take it or not, and today she was out sick and so we asked the math teacher, who said we could stay home. :) I think part of being a successful exchange student is knowing when it would be more productive to catch up on sleep. Which is what I need to go do now! Sorry this was long and probably quite boring... Naja. Christmas parties galore coming up- I'll write about them as they occur!

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