Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Once a week, once a day... I've got a lot of time on my hands, what can I say? I write down the homework but as I have absolutely no idea where to begin I feel pretty uninspired to do it, so I just read German novels instead. And write lists.

Things that are funny.
1. My English teacher's name is Doris Preckwinkel.
2. The female minister at the church in my town has a nose piercing. So does my German teacher.
3. The teachers say "Nummer B", or "Number B". Someday I will point out to them that neither A nor B are numbers.
4. The commercials for Schwipp-Schwapp, an orange cola soda. Mostly I like the name and the way the guy on the TV pronounces it. Try saying it, it's fun.
5. The name Jane is pronounced Yana. I also know someone whose name is spelled Yana. Which is probably better in some ways because when she goes to America she'll recognize her own name instead of being like "who's Jain?"
6. All the girls don't wear makeup EXCEPT for black mascara. Pretty much every single girl wears it, but rarely anything else. It's like underwear for your face.
7. When you want to ask for a piece of gum, you say, "hast du ein Kaugummi?" I love that word. When I'm back at NHS I'm totally going to ask kids if they have a Kaugummi.
8. The word for cake is Kuchen (which, if you twist it a bit, sounds more like cookies) and the word for cookie is Keks. Guess how it's pronounced? Cakes. Confusing much?
9. An acceptable response to "Entschuldigung" (meaning oops, sorry) is "Ja." Said in a way that, the first time I heard it, made it sound like "yeah, you should be sorry!" but then I realized it was more along the lines of "Yes, okay, I accept your apology." More interesting than funny.
10. English class. The mistakes people make are mistakes I would never even think of as being confusing, and yet I can't even manage to explain why they're wrong- I've listened to a different way of saying it my whole life, but I don't know the grammatical rules behind it.

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