Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camp and German Grammar

Hallo everyone... so today I am leaving for 3 weeks of overnight camp! Wahoo! I'll be in my 2nd year as a Leader-in-Training, which means that we have to do more counselor-ish work, but we have to pay less to go. I'm pretty much all packed, and I have a lot of stuff... two plastic bins (the rolling ones that go under your bunk), a duffel bag, and my backpack. I think I inherited my mutter's packing skills. Ah well. I am pledging to ignore that part of my genes when I go to Germany!
So, if anyone wants to write to me at camp (please do! I promise to write back!), the address is:
Jasmine Landry/ LIT
Wildwood-Mass Audubon
P.O. Box 826
Rindge, NH 03461

Also, I've been doing a lot of German-learning, and the German grammar is killing me... it's so confusing, there is one word ("sie") that means she, you formal, and they. And the verbs only change the ending if the subject is I or you familiar. But I think I'm catching on! I put up sticky vocab labels all over the house. The only one Mom knows is "das Auto", because it's in her car. I love the word for refrigerator, it's "der K├╝hlschrank," which literally means "cool cabinet". It's quite fun to say.
Well, I must be going now... I have to bring all my stuff downstairs while Dad empties bales of hay out of his truck (don't ask me what they're doing there. Maybe he's fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a farmer). Auf wiedersehen!!

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