Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Das Kleine Dunkel Wolke (The little dark cloud)

My German is coming along well, I have gotten the general idea of the pronunciation from Rosetta Stone and now I'm working in my German textbooks that I bought off Amazon.com. : ) They have a recent publication date but all the pictures show people from the 80's, kind of like my Spanish books at school. I actually think they're the same publisher. Maybe they use all the same pictures. Also, I found a little blank journal in my room when I was "cleaning up", and I decided to make it my German journal. I'm writing a bit in it (in German) each day. Right now I'm only doing a couple basic sentences, but I hope to build up to a paragraph or so before I leave!

On a not so cheery note, last Wednesday my alarm didn't go off and therefore I got up late for crew practice. I rushed downstairs and threw on some clothes and called my coach in a panic, apologizing for being late and shoving a Kashi bar down my throat for breakfast. So, already in a hurry, I biked downtown and down the Fort St. hill and was pulling onto the dirt road when I saw a car turning around a little ways ahead, so I slowed down. Unfortunately for me, there had been an enormous rainstorm the night before and there was a tiny mud patch right in front of me, on which my bike slid and I went flying. Fortunately for me, the car that was turning had been full of Jehovah's witnesses, who gave me tissues to wipe up the blood and a cell phone to call my dad and his truck to the rescue. Then Mom and I spent most of the afternoon in the doctor's office/ hospital, only to find out that I had broken my radial head. So now I have to wear my right arm in a sling, and my knees are still all bleedy and gross and where they're not bloody they're purple and bruised. My nose and right hand are swollen, and it kind of hurts to walk PLUS it's a right pain in the arse to do everything left-handed. So the moral of that lovely story was SLOW DOWN and WEAR A HELMET. (I was wearing a helmet. I was just saying. Don't forget.)

Even a broken arm can't dampen my excitement though!!

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