Friday, August 28, 2009

Packing Frenzy

I'm back from camp and the Cape! The day after I got back from camp, still in a slight society shock, my family zoomed off to Cape Cod for a few days, which was beautiful and fun but slightly stressful at the same time because I have so much to do and there's no internet access or malls in Truro. I have a 2-page to do list, not to mention a packing list and a buying list. I'm leaving for D.C. in exactly a week! I'm super-excited, and I think I can definitely accomplish everything I need to in a week as long as I can convince my mom to drive me to Holyoke to buy all the stuff I need... mostly winter clothes and shoes, plus an ipod charger that works in Germany. I'm also packing up my room- today I sent 2 boxes out to the pod, and I have another one almost packed in my room. then I have to pack a box of stuff I might need my mom to send me so it needs to be easily reachable. And I have to pack to actually leave. Psh I have a lot to do. Hopefully I'll get one more post in before I leave, maybe with pictures of my bumload of stuff I'm bringing. Of course I still have to keep it under 44 pounds... this is going to be quite interesting.

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