Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Applications....

It's December!!!!! The season of snow, family and friends, baking (well, not in our house...), shopping, homework overload, holiday stress, and general fun and excitement. And applications. At the moment I am filling out FOUR different applications. I can only imagine what the college application must be like. I have a couple years before that, though. My mom was flipping out because my guidance counselor was expressing her worries about my missing the junior SATs and how if I didn't receive grades while I was abroad, colleges might not like it.
1. My first application is the full application for my foreign exchange program. You know, essay for the host family, all the medical and public release forms, photos, passport info, etc., etc. I'd say I'm 3/4 of the way done- I still have to finish my host family essay and get Mom to start hers. And I have a doctor's appointment Thursday to get my pulse and respiration tested. Fun stuff.
2. I'm also working on an application for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to Germany. Germany wasn't even on my list before, but then I read about the scholarship and started looking into Germany, and it sounds like a pretty fly place. I've had to ask several teachers to be my references two or three times, because I have so many applications requiring recommendations right now. I'm amazed my teachers are even agreeing to do them.
3. I've been going to the same Mass Audubon camp in New Hampshire for the past four years, and last summer I was a "leader-in-training". For the second-year leaders in training, they require you to fill out an application, which includes more references. And a resume. My family members are all talking about how they didn't make a resume until after college. I don't have much to put on it, other than my participation on the crew team... I haven't really worked anywhere before.
4. The fourth application is small and doesn't require any references, but it's a job application for Cooper's Corner, a little grocery store in Florence owned by my friend's dad. A job would definitely be helpful in the funding of this trip in case I don't get the scholarship.
Oh yeah, and the day before Thanksgiving, I RECEIVED MY PASSPORT IN THE MAIL!!!! I was so excited. It's so pretty and I can't wait to get it stamped! I only handed in my application about a week and a half before, so it came really fast.
More later... I have two tests to study for, Spanish work, a poem to memorize and analyze, and a chapter to read in my history textbook. Gross.
Oh, and also, I confirmed my winter craziness by getting a part in the musical!! Most of my friends are in the general chorus, but I got the part of "second woman panhandler". I had to ask one of my friends to explain what a panhandler was. Apparently all the tiny roles like those get a line or two, and then just sing with the chorus, which is great for me, because it means I don't have very many rehearsals, but I still get to be in the musical. Now I just have to register for the ERG TEAM!! Ciao!

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