Monday, December 22, 2008

Full app...

Today I am sending out my full application!!!!!!!!! I have checked it over about sixteen times, quadruple-checked every form I uploaded, and my application is complete. Except for the application fee. Last year, the fee was $500, which also acted as a deposit. However, now it has gone up to $900... It will be refunded if I get the Germany scholarship, so I am praying with all my might that I can be one of the 50 scholarship recipients. However, I have been doing some math in the meantime... If I forfeit my allowance for the rest of the year and pool it with the money I have in my savings account right now, I can pay $442.45, which is almost half of the fee. My parents agreed to pay for the other half (for now, anyway... I'll get to paying them back at some point, but hopefully I'll get that scholarship and I won't have to!), so now I've started mathematicizing the rest of the money. That is, in case I don't get the scholarship. But I'm going to. (Positive thinking- my mom has been trying to feed me positive energy books for years, so I'm going to use it.) Anyway. The total cost to go to Germany is $12,000, a combination of the cost of the program and their suggested amount of spending money. If I get the scholarship, excuse me, when I get the scholarship, I'll only have to raise $2,100 (the approximate equivalent of 1500 euro). So if I can get my parents to contribute my allowance from September (when I leave) until July (when I return), I can subtract $352. Plus, I can subtract my half of the application fee, because the fee is basically a down payment on the program. I have $1344.14 in my CD at the bank right now, which leaves me with $9,861.38. That's still a lot of money. I need a job. Pronto. Or a scholarship. Or both.

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