Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Germany application!

Yesterday, I miraculously FINISHED MY GERMANY SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION!!! And it was a day before the deadline, too! There was a mid-application crisis when I found out that my history teacher had sent her reference form to the wrong place, so I panicked and begged my English teacher to fill the form out and give it back TO ME, and he gladly did it, even though I gave him two days because I had been notified so late. So he gave that back to me promptly, and my guidance counselor filled out her forms, and I finished my essays, and sent it in today, on the deadline! Of course, after all the panic and confusion, I found out that the deadline had actually been moved to December 23, which would have given me another week, because of all the power outages in the Northeastern area. Oh well. Maybe I'll get priority since I sent mine in earlier.
For my full application, I only have to finish my host family letter, which is almost done, get my doctor to sign the health forms (this is the fourth time I've had to return the forms to her office. It seems that she forgets something crucial every single time.), and convince my mother to write the parent's letter. Plus come up with $500... that might be the most difficult part, since I've only got about $200 in my savings account (and $1300 in a CD). Whew, I really hope I get that scholarship, that would definitely help out my financial situation. In the meantime, I have a trip with my chorus tomorrow to New York City to do a workshop with Broadway performers and then see them perform in a matinee of Mamma Mia!!!!! And then after that I have four more days of school before winter break!!!! I'm so excited!!

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