Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was going to make this my original post but then got sidetracked... 2 posts in one day you lucky ducks!
Bizarre/weird/different things I've noticed:
-smartcars are EVERYWHERE
-on bigger streets, cars park on the sidewalk
-on smaller streets, cars park on either side of the road, and then if someone's coming from the other direction one of you has to pull into a driveway so the other one can pass.
-the lightswitches are the size of an altoids container (My brain isn't functioning properly yet; I couldn't think of anything better)
-everything looks like it walked out of an ikea store (actually I'm pretty sure a lot of it did)
-about 75% of people smoke
-you have to use a Euro coin to unlock a shopping cart to use, and then it spits it back out at you when you lock it back up (hence, no stolen shopping carts?)
-they eat SO MUCH FOOD and yet they stay skinny!!!
-there are no closets, just wardrobe thingys.
-they keep all the doors closed all the time. even the bathroom. which is annoying because for the first night I waited for like 20 minutes for someone to come out because I thought they were taking a shower, then I realized that the noise of water was just the fountain outside
-they keep their bathroom windows open all the time, even though its 45 degrees outside at night
-they eat very methodically, and make sure their meat fits their bread perfectly
-they have at least 6 different types of toilet-flushers that i've seen so far
-their toilet paper comes perforated in rectangles instead of squares

Things I miss (or probably will be missing) about America: (not in any particular order)
-my cats
-having a girls' bike
-knowing what everyone's talking about (but that wil come with time!)
-the fun spring regattas on lovely days where the race is quick and fun and mostly we all just hang out and stuff ourselves.
-English movies & books
-proximity to a very well-stocked library
-my alarm clock that plays music to wake me up instead of beeping loudly and obnoxiously

Things I don't miss:
-having crew 5 days a week (at least)
-construction in my house
-having to get up at 6:30 every morning
-living right on a main road next to a hospital
-AP homework
-NHS (I miss the people. just not the schedule/building/homework/etc)
-having a quick, small breakfast and a big, heavy dinner
-cat hair on my clothes

i love you all!

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