Monday, September 21, 2009

Beginning to connect

So I'm going to make this one short... today I successfully got to class 15 minutes early, and had time to practice reading a dorky German poem from my workbook. Then class began and I was one of the few who did my homework and could read the German poem without pausing (so I got kudos from the teacher- I was pretty cheerful inside). After school I got a chocolate crossaint (SEHR GUT) and took the u-bahn back home. Then Clara and I walked up the street to the market- it's really small and doesn't have a very wide selection of anything, but it's convenient for meat and produce and bread. But for anything else you should go into the city.
Last night I met Sebastian's sister and her husband. She and Sebastian look a lot alike. Also, Clara and her friend picked a bunch of acorns and cracked them all. I didn't even know you could eat acorns. I don't really like them- they have no flavor and a weird texture. We had a creamy yellow soup for dinner, which was good even being a soup, and then we had this yogurt-berry parfait thing with a carmelized layer on top that was also good. After I finished my homework I went downstairs and read my National Geographic Adventure magazine (English- I can't even read a children's book in German yet) and then Clara turned on the tv to Galilleo- I'm not really sure what it is, but I think it's aimed for children and the episode we watched was this guy who was trying to cook a bunch of desserts in huge quantities- so he made jello in a kiddie pool, and an enormous crepe. I couldn't understand most of it, but it was still fun to watch.
AFS had sent us the wrong info accidentally for the Survival Orientation, but I think the actual one is next weekend, but since my host family didn't know that until Saturday, they already had plans to bring me to a big birthday celebration in Frankfurt. So I don't think I can go. : ( However, I did get in contact with my liason, who seems very nice, and she said that she wants to meet me in person and she can tell me what they discussed at the survival camp. So it should all work out.
Also, I got invited to present to an English class in another school in Berlin on Thursday. I'll have to miss language school, but I think it should be fun. It's a school that's 95% Turkish, because they offer Turkish as a second language. AFS put together Thursday to be a cultural-exchange day, so I think they're having a bunch of AFSers do presentations. I don't really know what I'm going to say- hopefully I'll be able to say it in English, but I'll only have been here for a week and a half! Oh well. The guy who emailed me seems nice and he was an AFSer to Ohio a long time ago, so we have something in common to talk about.
I miss you all, but alles gut!

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