Monday, November 2, 2009

Aaaand back at school. Cheers.

School actually went quite well today! It started with double math, which I actually understood even though they're learning trigonometry! I was pretty excited (internally) to be able to do the work. Plus I got most of the questions right. So that made me cheerful, plus it was followed by Latin (journal time- they were going over a test) and English, which is clearly my best subject. There were a bunch of kids I didn't know because they were on a short exchange to Paris, so I got to meet them. One of them, Gwendolyn, is the younger sister of my host sister's boyfriend, so we met over the weekend at her house because her family invited mine over to look at Vincent's (the boyfriend) pictures from his trip to Nepal. But everyone is really nice, and it turns out nobody read Kabale und Liebe over vacation for German class, so she's giving us a few extra days... I'm going to try my best to understand it but we'll see how that goes. We also had no Sport, so I got to go home early (I have only had one complete school day so far, and it was my half-day so I only had class until 12:35 anyway). I got home looking like I peed my pants again, because whenever it rains my bike seat gets all wet and then my butt gets wet. But now I'm quite comfortable and feeling cheerful that I don't really have any homework except reading in German- it's so funny because the students groan painfully if they're given even the littlest bit. I would like to see them in American schools... it's going to be a shocker to go back to school next year. Oh, and last night I watched Titanic in German! I understood almost everything, although clearly not as much as I thought because I didn't even cry except during one scene. The last time I saw it I was a literal watershed. It was a little ridiculous. Something exciting: for February vacation, I'm going to Austria for a ski vacation! Weirdly enough, I'm going alone, meaning with no one from my host family- there are other kids from my area who are traveling with me I believe. Originally Clara and I were going to go, but Daniela's mom nerves kicked in and she backed out of it. Frankly, I don't think I'll really be complaining about a break from her- I do love being with her, just not all the time. Having a kid as energetic as Clara poking your butt (she's obsessed- it's quite annoying) every five minutes gets very old very fast. I'm pretty psyched though- I think I'm going in the second level of beginners or something- for the people who know how to ski but don't like going fast. :) Plus it's in AUSTRIA! So I now will be visiting not only The Netherlands in June, but Austria in February! Woot-woot! Now I have to go write more- my goal is 5,000 words by the end of today.

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