Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So. here is my school schedule, then I will write all about it.
MONTAG (Monday)
8:00-9:30: Mathematik
9:50-10:35: Latein
10:35-11:20: Englisch
11:50-12:35: Deutsch
12:35-1:20: Biologie
1:40-3:10: Sport

DIENSTAG (Tuesday)
8:00-8:45: Geschichte
8:45-9:30: Englisch
9:50-11:20: Sozialkunde
11:50-12:35: Latein
12:35-1:20: Deutsch
1:40-2:25: Mathematik

MITTWOCH (Wednesday)
8:00-8:45: Deutsch
8:45-9:30: Englisch
9:50-10:35: Ethik
10:35-11:20: Mathematik
11:50-1:20: Chemie/ Biologie
1:40-2:25: Geschichte

8:00-8:45: Deutsch
8:45-9:30: Physik
9:50-11:20: Kunst
11:50-12:35: Mathematik

FREITAG (Friday)
8:00-9:30: Musik
9:50-10:35: Chemie
10:35-11:20: Ethik
11:50-1:20: Sport
1:40-2:25: Physik
2:25-3:10: Latein

So I think all of those are probably self-explanatory except Kunst- Art, Sozialkunde-economics??? and Geschichte- History. So on Thursdays I only have classes until 12:35, and an hour and a half is spent doing art. I love it. So I've been in school for 2 days now, and I understand nothing except in English class. In math they're learning about material I've already covered, so once I get my book and review it, I think I'll just need to work on learning the vocabulary. They're all in their second year of Latin so I think I'll be able to do okay in that too. I asked my mom to send me my notes that I kept, so that I can review a bit. It's going to be a long process at first though- I'll have to translate from Latin into German, and then into English so that I know what it means. Hopefully soon I won't have to translate to English anymore, though! My German teacher told me that she doesn't know if I can handle the class- after our fall break, they're going to be putting on a play by the German equivalent of Shakespeare, and she said it was difficult even for the native speakers. I'm going to try my best to read the play, and if I can do it then I'll have proved her wrong, and if I can't then I'll get put in an easier class, so I'm fine either way. I haven't really had enough experience in any of my other classes to say anything about them- I either haven't had them yet or I simply didn't understand anything that was going on. All the teachers seem really nice though, as are the students, and people are willing to help. On the first day two girls, Sofia and Mirja, offered to help me because I have at least one of them in all of my classes. So they've been super helpful to have around. It's going to be weird though, because on Friday we start our 2-week Herbstferien, or fall break. So I'm going to have to get used to school all over again in 2 1/2 weeks. But I think that sometime in mid-November I should be feeling comfortable in school, and much more comfortable with the German language. Don't get me wrong- I am definitely excited for my Herbstferien! For the second week I think my host family is taking me on a trip around Germany so I can see some of the other parts. And in the first week I think I'm going to do a little American baking, and hopefully get together with some other exchange students who also have their fall break. Plus I have AFS Late Orientation Camp this weekend! I'm excited for that. Now I have to go to rowing though.. not so excited for the temperature... but after today, I only have 2 more outdoor practices! Cheers! I don't know what we'll do indoors but I don't think it will be particularly strenuous as we're a noncompetitive team. Which I am really quite fine with- I don't think I could handle much more stress in my day right now. Thank you all who have been keeping in touch, I really do love hearing from you! Really!

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